Take your brand to the next level


Protect your brand

Use the Cardano blockchain to effectively fight fraud in a secure, decentralized way. 

Build provable brand credibility and product authenticity.


Increase your profits

Increase revenues by reducing counterfeit sales. 

Reduce brand risk and associated legal costs.


Protect your customer & build trust

Enable customers to protect their investments by guaranteeing the authenticity of the product in real time.


Create a new customer experience

Use the app as direct communication channel to take your customer experience to another level with NFTs, incentives, and loyalty programs.



Simple, easy, and secure

Built on Cardano, which is designed for sustainability and will last for a lifetime. 

Consumer app and usage stats integrated with your supply chain. Integration options range from non-intrusive NFC smart cards to embedded chips to identify products. 

Fully Customizable Experience
Easily tailor the consumer app to suit your product needs and exclusive brand identity.

Customer Engagement
Utilize a new communication channel with your customers via the in-app direct messaging capability.

Analytics Tool
Understand your customers with usage stats and analytics, giving you relevant and insightful intelligence.



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Unlike centralized solutions, decentralized technologies ensure data cannot be tampered with or lost. This builds trust and ensures full auditability

 Easy and smooth


Download Atala SCAN



Find the scannable area
on the product

All verified products will have a scannable area.


Point and scan!

Make sure your NFC is activated and place the product near your phone.


Verify your product!

Find all the relevant information about your verified product.


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Atala SCAN is powered by Cardano. Built by a community of scientists, engineers, and technology thought-leaders, Cardano is the first blockchain platform to be built using peer-reviewed research. Cardano has been designed to protect the data of billions and accommodate global systems as the world’s first decentralized financial operating system.

Cardano is developed by IOHK, a blockchain technology company and industry leader in the fields of cryptography and distributed systems.